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Our Work

RaphiaStyle's know-how is definitely:

A team

The RaphiaStyle team is the result of a long and very selective training process for weavers, all of whom are trained by Bouchra Bennani. Their mission: make the exclusive models designed and created by Bouchra according to different traditional techniques.

The importance of sorting

To achieve exceptional comfort, raffia must undergo meticulous sorting. Once the knotted parts have been pruned off, only the core of each fibre is retained. This is what bestows unparalleled suppleness and comfort upon our shoes.


Manufacturing is free of any industrial processes. Our quality standard requires a slow and rigorous practice. Making a pair of woven raffia shoes by hand can take, depending on the model, from several days of work up to two weeks in the case of certain crocheted baskets.


RaphiaStyle is committed to responsible practices, such as using dyes of natural origin, certified by ECOCERT, and superior-quality materials obtained via fair trade.

The secret

Meticulous care and the rejection of any imperfections are employed at each stage, but above all, weavers are motivated by their constantly renewing passion.