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Qui sommes nous


The fibre of elegance!

Working with raffia, this natural fibre from the raphia farinifera palm tree, requires high levels of dexterity and infinite patience. RaphiaStyle is distinguished by the timeless charm of its range of shoes, bags and hats.

RaphiaStyle as a concept was born in Morocco of an encounter between Michel Combépine, a French business executive, and Sara Bouchra Bennani, a master designer in the art of raffia. And so Michel became interested in this traditional artisanal craft and created RaphiaStyle, thus offering Sara the opportunity to put her 18 years of experience, which shaped the expertise she is known for, to good use. Since then, she has been patiently passing on her know-how to artisans passionate about reaching expert level. The different models in the range have been designed and imagined by Sara. She relies on a team of designers based in France, who, in tandem with her, work to create the different models.

However, it is in Agadir, Morocco, that these products come to life. They are made exclusively by women who enjoy fair working conditions and social security cover allowing them to support themselves and their families.

RaphiaStyle is committed to responsible practices and uses ECOCERT-certified raw materials, in particular using dyes of plant origin. Each creation offers all the comfort, stability and finesse of artisanal quality, attracting even the most demanding among us!